Large Language Models and Open Source

Posted on 2023-03-27
Tags: scala, ai, llm, open source

Since I got beta access to Google Bard I figured I’d try something out; I’ve heard they can help people code and will take my job away so let’s try and do some coding with it.

Image of me asking Google Bard to write a hyperloglog implementation in scala, with it responding with a top line of package com.twitter.algebird

Wait, hold up, is it just going to paste me a class from Algebird? I guess that’s fine, but does it know the ramifications of this?

Image of me asking Google Bard what the license of this code is, it responds with the MIT license, I then ask who owns the copyright and it says Twitter Inc.

That looks correct, but let me check…

Image of the HyperLogLog class from Algebird in github, displaying the header at the top saying it’s licensed under the Apache License